From DIY to DIFM Banking — The banking clientele have moved along, have the banks too?

“Hey Siri! What’s the weather looking like today?” “Hey Google! When’s my next meeting?” “Alexa! Play Rain on Me.” Alexa! ALEXA! There, I’ve said it! This is what most of our days look like. These digital assistants have given us the power to delegate our tasks and get them done and boy, don’t we love it!

Coming to think of it, we have actually gone back to a bygone era where we liked people to do things for us. We stepped into a bank and loved the personal attention, spontaneous conversations and the luxury of getting our tasks accomplished through another. This gave us great satisfaction. Then came the time where a culture of DIY was fostered and banks tried to train us to do everything ourselves. They tried to ‘empower’ us to be independent and manage all our tasks through their digital offerings. This DIY culture however was only short lived as the technologically progressive banking clientele now seek an enhanced customer experience and strike back with a ‘Do It For Me’ proposal. Nope, we don’t want just another application that gives us a DIY experience. We want customization, we want a voice assistant, we want someone to fill out our forms, we want recommendations on what’s the best way to spend our money! We want it all, and at the comfort of our homes.

The banking industry is now posed with a compelling challenge where transformation is imperative for survival. The needs of the customers have moved beyond the mobile application and website that lets them do day-to-day tasks. With the wealth of data collected by banks, providing actionable insights, personalized recommendations, having empathetic conversations and building an emotional connect through technology and thereby elevating the customer experience is the need of the hour.

Flaist brings to you, EVA, an AI powered virtual assistant that enables banks to accelerate their digital initiatives. With EVA, banks can now offer their customers the service of a personal bot that is capable of having human-like empathetic conversations in over 107 languages and dialects. The AI behind EVA enables the responses to be personalized, with a deep contextual understanding. EVA is offered as a plug-and-play white label solution that can be rolled out by banks in a matter of weeks.

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